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Our Tutoring Testimonials

"By chance, I happened to see a Facebook post for free tutoring services. Knowing we had just come out of a trimester of eLearning, I felt it could only benefit my daughter over the summer months. The initial tutor did not seem to be a good match for my daughter. After explaining to Daniel that she was very shy and does best with females, he easily accommodated a switch. I could not be more impressed with Rachael. She inquired about certain interests ahead of meeting my daughter via zoom. She used that information to build a rapport which helped when diving into challenging skills, that often leaves my daughter feeling vulnerable and shy. Instead of dreading tutoring (like I thought she would), my daughter will say things like, 'is today a Rachael day?” or “when do I work with Rachael?' "

Mrs. Bonnie Pettinger (mother of a 2nd grader)

"Tutor4Service has been so extremely helpful during our daughter’s e-learning journey. The dedication and care put into each session have been second to none. It is abundantly clear that they care about their students' success and are always a step ahead with a plan and encouragement." 

Mrs. Rhonda Young (mother of a 5th grader)

"My son has been having a hard time with his math class. I contacted the tutoring service. My son was connected with a tutor and was able to complete his class with the help of the tutor. I would recommend this tutoring service to anyone who is looking for help. Greatly appropriate their help."

Mrs. Kasia Wolak (mother of a 10th grader)

My family and I have been very happy working all the people at tutor4service. Every conversation with Daniel has been professional and each session with Holly has been full of personal service and custom help. My daughter thoroughly enjoys her meetings with Holly. She has been kind and so informative! Thank you so much tutor4service. 

Amy Letendre (mother of an 4th grader)

"I’m happy that I get to work with my tutor because if I didn’t my grades would have gone down, but they helped me stay ahead and I knew if I don’t understand a lesson from my mini session for school they would take time out of their day to help me learn it. They also are never late and they always make me laugh."

Gianna Young (5th grader)

“Hannah’s session went so well that Hannah was able to complete the rest of her work and is all caught up. I cannot thank you guys enough for helping her get back on track. If she has any more trouble the rest of the year I will definitely contact you to set up tutoring. “

Mrs. Anne McMorris (mother of an 8th grader)

"Our son Max has been tutoring by Tutor4Service for math for more than a month. We are truly appreciated all your time, sharing your experience and knowledge helping young kids. We are so amazed these young gentlemen work hard. Hard to find people these days who give their time to help others without any charge. Thank you for all you do." 

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander (father and mother of a 5th grader)

“My session went so well that I was able to raise my overall grade by 7 percent. Through the tutoring sessions, I was able to master various Geometry and Trigonometry topics that helped me get an A on all 3 of my tests! I cannot thank you all enough for this amazing and helpful service!!

Alina Andrews (9th grader at Niles West High School)

Tutor4Service has been extremely helpful for my daughter. Holly, my daughter's tutor, was so helpful in answering my daughter’s questions. She was patient with scheduling and technology. I would recommend this service for anyone looking for helpful tutoring.

“The session I had was actually really helpful!! I was able to finish the rest of my Physics Simulation Lab. I really needed someone to confirm if what I was doing was correct! Thanks so much!!

Mrs. Jennifer Zahn (mother of an 5th grader)

Jane Thomas (10th grader at Grayslake North High School)

"Lynette Suk and Tutor4service were such a wonderful resource for my son this summer. He transitioned to advanced math from standard math for 7th grade and we were looking for someone to help him over the hump of skipping a year in math. Lynette was patient, supportive and encouraging and my son really enjoyed the sessions. Lynette's communication with me was always prompt and friendly and she worked with a couple of schedule hiccups that I had. Most importantly, she helped my son feel confident that he could make the transition with ease. I am so grateful for Lynette and Tutor4service. Thank you!"

Mrs. Tammi Miles (mother of a 7th grader)

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