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Along with our free tutoring services, Tutor4Service provides free virtual concerts to senior citizen homes and hospitals once a month. Our virtual concerts consist of compiled videos from various students and adults who are passionate about sharing their musical talents. We believe that music is a vital element for kids and adults to possess in their lives and we would like to promote it as much as possible. So far, we are providing monthly concerts to Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago, Rush Children's Hospital in Chicago, Shriner's Hospital in Elmhurst, Friendship Village Senior Citizens' Home in Schaumburg, and the Encompass Health Hospice in Texas. If you are interested in sending us musical videos (the videos can be of any length and can be singing videos too) please contact us below. 

A special thank you to Gia George, Noa George, Caroline Sun, Elizabeth Yen, Nina Markose, Nithya Abraham, Annette Suk, Ethan Blankenship, Jacob Carroll, Schaumburg Youth Orchestra, and Daniel Kalarical for sharing their musical talents!!!

A special thank you to Daniel Kalarical, Gia George, Noa George, Payton Soling, Joshua Kalarical, Alex Kisiel and the Lake Zurich High School Orchestra, Medha Koneru, Riley Soling, Annette Suk, and Elizabeth Yen for sharing their musical talents!!!

A special thank you to Gia George, Noa George, Elizabeth Yen, Annette Suk, Nina Markose, Joshua Kalarical, Jacob Carroll, Alex Ketcham, the Schaumburg Youth Orchestra, and Daniel Kalarical for sharing their musical talents!!!

A special thank you to Gia George, Noa George, Jane Yu, Daniel Kalarical, Alex Ketcham, Jacob Carroll, Nina Markose, the Schaumburg Youth Orchestra (conducted by Mr. Ron Polomchak), Payton Soling, and Elizabeth Yen for contributing to this month’s virtual concert.

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Our Testimonials

"Thank you for providing such a refreshing mix of musical performances for our patients and their families here at Lurie Children’s Hospital! As you know, Skylight TV is Lurie Children’s closed-circuit live Television station where we “broadcast” TV programs to our patients’ bedsides every day. During this pandemic, we have had to “think outside the box” to continue to provide unique, fun, and entertaining shows for our population. We are so grateful to folks like you who have generously helped make it possible to keep a steady flow of these quality programs going. Challenges surrounding live event coverage has led us to utilize pre-recorded content on our channels and some of the videos like yours, have been truly remarkable.

Thank you, not only for the work you put in to edit these thoughtful pieces together - but for the spirit behind it all.

Today, more than ever we need to focus on the “silver-linings” out there. Amidst all the chaos there is the clarity of heart & soul… on display in full color in your collection of musical performances. It means a lot to us. Thanks for sharing!"

Mr. Chris Wilkinson (Network TV Production Coordinator at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

"The residents at Friendship Village of Schaumburg, the largest continuing care retirement community in the state of Illinois, have been enjoying a “Virtual Jam Concert” on their TV’s for past several weeks. During the pandemic, all live entertainment has been discontinued at Friendship Village to protect our residents. However, our residents are still being entertained by Daniel Kalarical, a local high school senior, who has a mission to spread the joy of music and has done so with his series of virtual concerts. Daniel and his talented students bring a wonderful mixture of contemporary and classical music to each of their videos. The professional quality of the videos reflect the time and care that Daniel takes putting them together.  Our residents say “thank you” to Daniel and his students for their wonderful music and voices!"

Ms. Jeannette Magdaleno (Manager of Lifelong Learning and Volunteer Services at Friendship Village of Schaumburg)

Thank you so much for all your concerts. Our residents enjoy all the music brings much joy to them. They think you are very talented. Thank you so much for thinking of all of here at Arboria and look forward to more.

Ms. Linda Falson (Volunteer Services Manager at Arboria of Long Grove)

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